Map plus!

Our data visualization dashboard can also accept GPS tracker data from any wireless/ connected GPS tracker, especially LoRaWAN ones. It has the following features: a. Smart clustering. In case there are more than one trackers in a small screen area, it makes sense to cluster them up so as to avoid cluttering up the interface.… Continue reading Map plus!

SwitchBee Smart IR

SwitchBee Smart IR. Testing in progress -All digital -Supports 10A switching for LED lights -Soft on-off/ toggle/ insta on-off modes -Super small! -Auto-off after long duration -PWM switched auto-brightness based on ambient light Make your top-end wardrobe LED lights smarter! Ah, and one last thing… It’s WiFi capable as well! (optional) Imagine getting an alert… Continue reading SwitchBee Smart IR

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TTN AU915 and MLS stack issues

Phil Whitehouse from London, United Kingdom, aka Phillie Casablanca on Flickr, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Our EyeBee400L depth sensors, deployed in Australia had a curious issue. It just wasn’t able to receive downlinks (packets from our server to device, usually sent for configuration changes). The same device (copy) was working perfectly fine in IN865 band at our labs After much hair-pulling and days of remote debug sessions on our partner’s… Continue reading TTN AU915 and MLS stack issues

Our SwitchBee MagSense units can now switch 10A loads!

With wardrobe manufacturers moving to longer and brighter LED strips, it became necessary to redesign our product for these requirements. Our SwitchBee units (that were earlier designed for 2.5A max load), have now been redesigned with a more powerful low-side MOSFET to be able to switch LEDs of much higher loads with negligible heating (thanks… Continue reading Our SwitchBee MagSense units can now switch 10A loads!

We now have our own MA-S block from IEEE

What does it mean? It essentially implies that we can now allocate own own series of globally unique MAC-IDs or Device EUIs that are used to uniquely identify smart/ wireless devices. In the LoraWAN context, do watch this video to know more how these IDs work:

Add devices by scanning QR code

Tinkerbee’s SenseSight dashboard can now read QR codes. This makes adding devices a breeze. No more entering long strings like this ‘0011223344556677’ or ’22:AA:33:BB:44:CC’ for device EUIs. Just click the camera button next to Device ID input box on the add-devices interface Point your phone or device camera at the QR code supplied And viola,… Continue reading Add devices by scanning QR code

Now chat with your smart devices over WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is the most ubiquitous messaging app out there. What we like the best about it is captured in the following 3is: interactive intuitive instant One customer feedback that we were grappling with some of our smart devices was that some customers missed important alerts because they were sent over email and the other that… Continue reading Now chat with your smart devices over WhatsApp!

Gorgeous new SlimView on your dashboard

Our SenseSight dashboard now has a beautiful and minimal view designed especially for mobile phone screens. It accommodates around 7 sensor quick-view information widgets at a time on a typical mobile phone screen! For more, simply scroll down. The application is cross-platform (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android), supports multiple LoRaWAN networks (TTN, Chirpstack, Tata etc) and… Continue reading Gorgeous new SlimView on your dashboard