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We make smart sensors, actuators, low power micro computing devices and advanced wireless networks work for you. Smart devices that measure, analyze, take actions and present actionable insights. So that you get to spend your time on what really matters.

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Our B2B products

Your business needs better data insights for delivering better customer experiences. At Tinkerbee, we work with our business partners to understand what these data gaps are and how our smart devices and data services could best address them.

Your cold-chain network needs real-time insights into the temperature inside your freezers.
Your delivery service needs to know when there is rain in a neighborhood and if there is a storm coming!
Your car-wash network needs to know how much cleaning liquid is left in your barrels/ drums across multiple locations.

We have been working on a number of microcontroller based advanced wireless technologies that address such needs. Two of our favorite ones as of now, are LoRaWAN and WiFi.

While WiFi helps us design solutions that are ubiquitous, especially in the home environment, LoRaWAN helps us wizard up solutions that work over a larger geographic area, like a city (or multiple cities)! All, while being battery powered, compact and of course economical.

Check out our Products page to see what we have designed and deployed so far for multiple business clients. Our products are designed to be available on a simple subscription service and can easily be integrated into your custom work-flow through our simple APIs.


Tinkerbees are pretty much like the Minions from the Despicable Me™ movies, but of course, way less humorous and a way lot better in doing what they have been individually designed and trained to do. They are a networked and hard-working bunch of tinkerers as bees are supposed to be. With their special sensors and sleek software, they keep working towards #quantifiedEverything.
To #maximizeLife