SwitchBee wireless!


SwitchBee wireless.

Now, no wiring required for connecting your switches for your cabinet/ wardrobe lighting applications!
– Just pop in two AAA batteries and stick the wireless controller to your wardrobe door.
– Stick the provided magnet to the door handle
– Connect the controller between your 12V DC supply and the LED light/ strip.

Current draw characteristics:
~1.2uA while door closed
~600uA while door is open
~60mA for <1s during wireless transmission

This results in a calculated battery life of well over 5 years considering a door is opened and closed about 10 times per day and it stays open for 10 minutes.

Do reach out to us on email info at tinkerbee.in or WhatsApp us on https://lnkd.in/g9r3JSd6

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