SwitchBee wireless!

Presenting: SwitchBee wireless. Now, no wiring required for connecting your switches for your cabinet/ wardrobe lighting applications!– Just pop in two AAA batteries and stick the wireless controller to your wardrobe door.– Stick the provided magnet to the door handle– Connect the controller between your 12V DC supply and the LED light/ strip.DONE! Current draw… Continue reading SwitchBee wireless!

TempBee for the food processing/ retail industry. Brochure

TempBee wireless temperature monitoring solution with WhatsApp alerts

What if you could monitor, act, and audit the temperature CCPs across your food-processing steps from anywhere in the world?What if you could get instant WhatsApp or Email alerts whenever there is a CCP breach?TempBee from Tinkerbee Innovations enables all this and more using a simple retrofit device and a low-cost subscription service!Turn any fridge… Continue reading TempBee for the food processing/ retail industry. Brochure

SwitchBee MagSense demo/ installation video

SwitchBee MagSense from Tinkerbee. SwitchBee MagSense is an ultra tiny (just 8.5mm dia), fully concealed (hidden completely inside the panel), safe (solid state with protection circuit), magnet activated (silent, no moving parts!) switch for wardrobe / cabinet LED lighting automation. If you are an interior designer or manufacture high-end wardrobes and office and kitchen cabinets:–… Continue reading SwitchBee MagSense demo/ installation video

Smart retail strategy- StockBee®

Empower your brick and mortal consumer goods retail strategy to compete with modern e-commerce. Address the infamous stockout conundrum where even if your products are present in the warehouse they are often not moved replenish your retail shelves in time. 50% of retail shelf stock-outs are caused by inefficiencies in shelf restocking. Most of these… Continue reading Smart retail strategy- StockBee┬«

Designing AgriBee V2

AgriBee is an intelligent multi-sensory device which when deployed in an agricultural/ farming/ gardening/ horticulture setup, helps monitor vital statistics that directly correlate to the plant growth and enables optimal utilization of resources like water, atmospheric moisture or temperature (especially in case of green-houses/ other controlled farming environments). After deploying the first version of AgriBee… Continue reading Designing AgriBee V2

Bluetooth Low Energy devices

TinkerBee has developed capabilities around Nordic Semiconductor‘s BLE enabled SoCs in nRF51 series. We’ve played around with the powerful nRF51822 module and used the ARM mbed platform to develop one of our earliest (and may we say- revolutionary) products called EyeBee. Well, more on that soon. It is an awesome board designed by us, powered by a CR2030 button… Continue reading Bluetooth Low Energy devices