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EyeBee (v2)

Keep an eye on the quantity of your SKU stored as a stack, or the depth of some substance in a barrel with EyeBee®.

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Enhance customer experience by incorporating near real-time hyper localized weather insights into your business with WeatherBees.

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AgriBee (v2)

Keep track of soil moisture, temperature and other atmospheric conditions 24×7. That enables you to provide your plants just the right amount of water and at just the right time so that they bloom just right!

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One of the worlds smallest and safest LED cabinet lighting automation switches

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TempBee (v4)

Monitor the temperature inside your freezers, fridges, coolers or warmers in real-time

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Shelf level SKU movement tracking with StockBee®. Smart trays that provide valuable product insights and avoid out-of-stock situations.

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All our products come with a great library of APIs that help you integrate them into your business in a snap!

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