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Keep track of real-time temperature changes inside your deep freezers and cold storage rooms.

You may represent a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company with thousands of freezers/ fridges deployed to keep your frozen foods within their safe temperature range. Or you may be running a health-care service with freezers required to keep medications within a prescribed limit.

  • How to ensure that these freezers are actually maintained in the temperature ranges that are prescribed?
  • How to ensure that your end-customers get a safe product?
  • How to ensure minimum product returns and wastage?

TempBees are the perfect answer!

TempBee relays real-time temperature changes within a freezer environment where its temperature probe is present.

It is a tiny but powerful device with a 32-bit processor running at 80Mhz and with a complete 2.4Ghz WiFi stack all in a cute cuboid package with less than 3.5cm long sides. TempBee Tiny features a cute and bright OLED display that shows the live state of your sensors and the device.

Installing TempBee is plug-and-play simple! Just peel off the protective cover on the double-sided tape behind it and stick the main unit outside the refrigeration unit, dip and stick the sensor probe inside, passing the thin connecting cable through the rubber edge-gasket on the door. Plug in the provided USB power cable and you’re on!

You may link anytime it to your Wi-Fi anytime by keeping your finger on the touch button on unit, for 5 seconds. Once the screen indicates that you are in config mode, follow the on-screen instructions and use your mobile phone/ laptop to let TempBee know the Wi-Fi access point details. Wait for the confirmation and add the device to your dashboard! Congratulations, you now have a live feed to monitor temperature at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime!

It also incorporates configurable on-device audio and visual alarms on temperatures exceeding or being less than configured values, so that on-ground personnel can act fast and take remedial actions in-case of a freezer issue.

Also, get automated daily reports straight into your mailbox that you can use to keep an audit track for each cold-storage asset being managed by you.

One more thing! With our WhatsApp(tm) integration, you also get an alert on your phone wherever you might be, as long as there is an internet connection!

Reach out now to logesh.kc@tinkerbee.in to know more!

Demo video:

Watch this YouTube Short video to see a unit installed in a cold-storage room


  • Tiny! Measures just 3.5 cm x 3 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Comes with double sided sticker to easily mount it on the outer side of your refrigeration unit
  • Temperature probe with 1mm thin wires that can be placed inside the refrigeration chamber/ room
  • Temperature measurement range -50°C to 125°C
  • Maximum resolution +/- 0.25°C
  • Configurable parameters:
    • Measurement interval 60s
    • Temperature delta to trigger data transmission +/- 1°C
    • Alarm temperature max, min (30, -20)
  • Power Supply external micro-USB. 5V, 500mA.
  • Truly wireless –WiFi enabled (LoRaWAN version also available)
  • (Optional, different version available) Rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides many months month of usage on a single charge
  • Real-time, instant updates
  • Readily available APIs for integration under 30 minutes!
dashboard: pc/ laptop view
dashboard: mobile view

Reach out to logesh.kc@tinkerbee.in to know more about TempBee!

This version of Tempbee and its commercialization, especially in medicine/ vaccine cold-chains, is being supported by a grant [2021-22] from IKP Eden and BIRAC. We are thankful for all the help and support provided!