LED Cabinet Light Automation Switch Series

SwitchBee MagSense demo/ installation video

SwitchBee is one of the world’s smallest, safest, long-life, low-power, digital smart switches for cabinet LED light automation.

These smart and tiny devices do the magic that makes lights inside (or outside) office, kitchen or clothing cabinets/ doors glow when the draw/ door is opened and ensures that the lights are off when closed.

SwitchBee has 2 variants as of now:

  1. SwitchBee MagSense
  2. SwitchBee IrSense

SwitchBee MagSense

Simple and fast fitting

  • Just drill a 10mm bore + wire channel on cabinet wall
  • Plug input to LED power source
  • Plug output to LED strip
  • Align and attach the magnet to cabinet door using screws/adhesive
  • Done!

Can be completely hidden and invisible under veneer

Fully digital magnetic switch

  • Fully digital solid-state magnetic switch, (not a cheap reed-relay!)
  • No mechanical/ moving parts
  • Silent operation
  • Ultra long-life sensor
  • Drive 12V/ 24V LED strips and upto 2.5A current
  • 56 milliOhm digital output switch

Safety by design

  • Input protection against 1-kV surge, (42-Ω)
  • IEC61000-4-5 (8/20 µs, 27 A)
  • IEC61643-321 (10/1000 µs, 3.5 A)
  • Level 4 IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Protection
  • Clamping Voltage of 34 V at 27-A, 8/20-µs surge current
  • Reverse polarity protection on input
  • Under-voltage lockout at 4.8V
  • Output thermal shutdown at 135°C
  • Output over-current shutdown > 2.7A
  • Shutdown on output short-circuit
  • Standard JST polarity protected plugs for input and output (optional)

Designed and made in India with quality parts sourced from Indian, US and EU suppliers

SwitchBee IrSense

Similar specs as above except:

  • Works with any reflective surface to activate the switch. Based on Infra-red light reflection based proximity sensing
  • Slightly greater current draw than MagSense, as required for the infra-red driver
  • Not completely hidden because the infra-red reflectance technology requires an optical path to operate

We are accepting pre-orders as of now. So do reach out to logesh@tinkerbee.in now for more details