Smart retail strategy- StockBee®

Empower your brick and mortal consumer goods retail strategy to compete with modern e-commerce.

Address the infamous stockout conundrum where even if your products are present in the warehouse they are often not moved replenish your retail shelves in time. 50% of retail shelf stock-outs are caused by inefficiencies in shelf restocking. Most of these could be avoided through crisp, timely and actionable communications to the front-end field staff.

As a product or category manager, get a better understanding on how your product moves at the last mile. Don’t run blind marketing campaigns with delayed and expensive third-party data to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

With StockBee® from Tinkerbee Innovations, you can have your finger (literally) on the pulse of your stock!

StockBee® comes with a subscription service that offers real-time shelf monitoring for SKUs with configurable alerts and dashboard views. It uses our smart customizable (2 to 4 sub-trays), multi-size (1ft, 2ft or 3ft, no problem!) trays that wirelessly transmit SKU movement data to the cloud. It is API enabled to integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP systems as well. StockBee gives you smart alerts for your field-staff and smart analytics for the management team.

Tangible benefits of using StockBee?

a. Avoid loss of sales due to stock-out on a shelf

b. Savings on reduced manual audit requirements

Intangible benefits?

a. Direct sales feedback from key locations immediately after localized or ATL campaigns.

c. Customer satisfaction. At key locations at-least, your customers always get your product

d. You become a Super Product Manager with your fingers on the pulse of your SKUs!

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