EyeBee® Pro

EyeBee Pro with Sensor unit

Based on feedback from our early customers, we have developed a Pro version of EyeBee.

EyeBee® is a compact smart board that incorporates a state-of-the-art ToF depth sensor. This gives them good accuracy, a very compact sensor build and a long battery life.

The following are the improvements:

a. Longer and more stable battery life. We have now upgraded to an 18650 Li-Ion onboard through a standard micro-USB charging port. Battery should now last you many months and when the charge runs low, simply connect a charger. Or even run the unit completely using the charger with the battery automatically providing backup whenever there might be a power outage.

b. Better handling of data during WiFi down-time/ router issues. EyeBee can now store hundreds of data points on-device and simply sync them to our server as soon as connectivity is back. We have also added an RTC to ensure that timelines get preserved.

c. Instant on-device view. We have added an OLED screen and a switch that can be used to wake the device up any-time and see the current content remaining (without even logging in to our dashboard!)

Main unit with GX-16 Aviation connector

d. Separate sensor and main board. Now we have the sensor on a cable mounting with an GX-16 aviation connector. So the sensor can be mounted away from the main board!

Clip-on sensor

That’s all for now!

If you have a bin or a barrel or a container at your business or home that needs constant monitoring of content over WiFi, just reach out to us on logesh@tinkerbee.in

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