Upgrading our StockSight™ dashboard

StockSight™ is the platform on which our customers add their various tinkerbee devices and view the data from them.

It is an advanced dashboard UI designed for ease of use and instant views to useful information flowing in from their network of sensors.

First off, with our v2 release, we’ve moved to a gorgeous new dark theme (theme switching will be available in the next release).

The following is a list of all the main updates rolled out in this version:

1. Stay logged in

We have added a simple tick to your login screen that you can check on your trusted device. This enables the server to remember and regenerate your tokens automatically (for upto a month since your last login).

So the next time you visit the dashboard on the same laptop/ mobile phone, you don’t have to key in your credentials again!

2. Dynamic cards

You can now mix and match different sensors on your dashboard easily. All the information will be dynamically loaded and displayed in appropriate cards on both your quickview and trendview panels.

All the information on your fingertips!

3. Give names your devices

We realized that XX:AA:BB:99 is NOT how we humans identify or remember our devices! You may rather remember that this was the TempBee you stuck on your office cabinet to measure the effectiveness of your air-conditioner. Now you can simply name your devices as you please. Call it ‘My Office Comfort Monitor’ or ‘Tommy Office’ or whatever!

4. Flexible email alerts

You can now set multiple email alerts addressed to multiple recipients now if you want them to know immediately if any of your sensors cross any of your defined thresholds.

Thanks to our customers who nudged us to put this in and helped us test this feature. Just watch your inbox!

5. Mix and match devices

You may only want to watch over a specific set of devices on your dashboard view. You can now custom select one or more devices from your Input Panel from an alphabetically sorted device list.

What’s more, when you visit the dashboard the next time, your selection will be remembered and automatically loaded.

6. Device config panel

We have added a very powerful device configuration panel. This allows you to send defined commands to your device straight from the dashboard to calibrate, configure or set different parameters for each of your device.

And many more UI and UX improvements that you will notice as you use our platform!

The next big feature being built right now is an industry first! You can now configure the WiFi settings of your WiFi enabled Tinkerbee devices securely and right from within the StockSight dashboard! No apps/ need to type in any special URLs etc to get your devices on the network. In 5 minutes or less!

In case you wish to know more about any of our products or the new StockSight dashboard, please do reach out to logesh@tinkerbee.in

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