Gorgeous new SlimView on your dashboard

Our SenseSight dashboard now has a beautiful and minimal view designed especially for mobile phone screens. It accommodates around 7 sensor quick-view information widgets at a time on a typical mobile phone screen! For more, simply scroll down.

SlimView on the SenseSight dashboard!

The application is cross-platform (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android), supports multiple LoRaWAN networks (TTN, Chirpstack, Tata etc) and WiFi devices seamlessly, including those from Dragino, Multicorp, Netvox etc. with quick templates prepare-able for most other devices and networks and of course Tinkerbee’s own suite of smart devices!

To know more about how SenseSight dashboard can help you visualize and manage your smart devices better, do reach out to us on this WhatsApp chat link right away!

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